Chicago area kids on their cool superdads



“My dad is the coolest because he skateboards to work, he camps outside with us in our backyard, he laughs so loud, and he’s like a superhero to us!”

Ava and Evan Joseph of Downers Grove about their dad, Sibu Joseph.



Journeë Vergo of South Holland says her dad, Jon, is cool because “he does the bestest things, like being silly, he shows me how to drive my dune buggy, he teaches me how to play games, he put my baby brother’s crib together, he teaches me everything because he is the most awesome dad ever!”



Mariah Fortier, 5, of Forest Park says about her dad, Christopher: He is so cool because he plays with her and combs her hair. She loves when they watch movies and she loves him “too much.”'



Hailey Kessell, 5, says about her dad: “My dad is cool because his name is Daddy and he wears his hat backwards!”



Happy Father's Day to the most amazing father I could ever ask for! Thank you for being such a role model, and such a loving, funny, and understanding dad. Love you! Mika

My dad is honestly one of my favorite people. He's kind, wise, loving, hilarious and extremely dedicated to his work, life and family. Some girls can't say that they tell their dad everything that goes on in their lives but for me that's not the case. I always feel welcome to tell my dad anything whether it's good or bad and he always is accepting of what I have to say. He is one of my biggest motivations to succeed in whatever I'm doing whether it's school or extracurricular activities I know it is achievable because I have my dad by my side to cheer me on. So if you're reading this dad know that I love you immensely and that I wish you a truly Happy Father's Day.
With love,



“Dad is cool because he spends time with us to play and learn different things.”

Chloe, 7, Kylie, 5, and Evan, 4, of Long Grove about their dad Norman Kwong


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