Diane Oliver

My parenting philosophy is to become a part of my children's lives so they will always know, they can count on me and that I will always be there for them. J This is something my parents provided for me and my brother and I will always love and appreciate them for giving us that security while we were growing up. My heroes are my parents and my goal is to be that for my children.   I'm truly the Mommy that  disciplines but doesn't take herself seriously and I keeps it movin. Being a parent is no joke, it's a big responsibility but I enjoy it. In order to be a great parent for my children,  I have to be there for them. When I decided to become a mother I WANTED to be a mother and all that came with it. Even though a lot comes with being a parent, I enjoy every moment even the challenging moments.  Being a mother too my 7 year old twins has helped me to be a  better person for them, myself and others. We teach each  other not to take ourselves too seriously and laugh more even if it's a fake laugh.

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